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Friday, May 25, 2007

Flickr Maldives meet 25 May at Central Hotel

The 2nd Flickr meetup was a huge success... the minister of informations attended the meeting as well. certificates and goodies were handed to the winners by the minister.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Blue, originally uploaded by maapu.

The perfect place for the holiday maker.
Some call it Paradise......Some call it Heaven.....Some call it Hell...

But i call it my home

Friday, May 11, 2007


maapu in action, originally uploaded by masaaidhs.

thanks to "masaaidhs"

i didn't realize i was this handsome.....(LMAO!!!)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunny Side Of Life

Sunny Side Of Life, originally uploaded by maapu.

This is another shot of the beautiful beaches from the Hilton Maldives @rangali island.
what u see is what i caught on my canon 400D
It was a very hot day and this was shot at noon (mid day)
i did used a polariser filter on this one :)

Children of a thousand isles

Children of a thousand isles, originally uploaded by maapu.

Travelling to many residential islands throughout the Maldives, one thing all have in common are the children...with their inquisitive innocent nature, its wonderful to be able to capture these images.


Sundowner, originally uploaded by maapu.

The security guard at the Sundowner bar @Bandos Island Resort (Maldives)
This guy must be on the photo album of many tourists that visited Bandos Island Resort.

Take me to the Hilton (wide)

Take me to the Hilton (wide), originally uploaded by maapu.

The Hilton Maldives Is one of the most beautiful resorts/beaches i've visited here in the maldives.
The staff were extreamly nice and friendly and i like the equality policy the resort has between the foreign (europeon) staff and the local staff unlike many of the resorts here in the maldives.
We had a lovely time... :)


Storm, originally uploaded by maapu.

this shots taken from my 18-55 lens before switching to my zoom lens. / you can see the baby tornado in the back (this is when i saw it first)
although this looks like a really horrible day Its not it was perfect blue skies after 30min. This is actually a fine example of how unpredictable the weather in the maldives is. This giant cloud brought a baby tornado along with it
One of the most spectacular moments of my life.
i am so glad i had my camera with me.

Just hangin...

Just hangin..., originally uploaded by maapu.

One of the most important past times in the Maldives "the art of doing nothing!"

This shot was taken at Hilton Maldives (Rangali), the view across the water is the spa retreat wing of the island.